BMW Australia: What I experienced

BMW cars and motorcycles have made Pierce Brosnan life easier in his performance as James Bond in the few latest editions of the famed series by Ian Fleming. BMW has made the James Bond character all the more adorable. No wonder avid James Bond followers are so excited to watch the film not because they want to see who is Pierce Brosnan being paired with but because they want to see that new BMW model of motorcycle or automobile.

You just can’t help it because a BMW is an apple to the eyes. It is a delight to see that shining and elegant car. It is so fleeting driving behind the wheels or even lying down at the back seat feeling its sleek interior. You would be amazed at how this car aroused everyone’s imagination.

Not only that BMW motorcycles are also selling like hotcakes. Who wouldn’t be enchanted riding that two wheeled moving steel object past the lanes of Australia’s thoroughfares and fee like Robin Hood the modern knight in shining motorcycle. The famous brand of automotive from Germany is now also famous among Australians. BMW Australia was set up to cater to the needs of BMW fanatics.

BMW Australia has extensive models of cars and motorcycles. Car buyers have voted the BMW Australia cars as the best amongst any other brand. BMW Australia is a statement in itself, a tagline that best describes of what an automobile or motorcycle should be.

At BMW Australia car dealer shops, a car buyer will always appreciate the fuel efficiency and performance of the cars or motorcycles. Even second hands will leave BMW wannabe owners wanting. BMW brand is undoubtedly has the highest resale value. Understandably every bit part of a BMW is made to last longer even under extreme conditions. Be it rough roads, high trails, sunny or rainy days a BMW can handle all that.

BMW Australia does not only supply to high-end market. Today the company is allowing their younger buyers to own that car. The company to make the younger generation of Australia very happy without compromising its quality has reached this market segment. The BMW posh car is now the common toy among young professionals.

A BMW is always regarded a treasure that you would not trade for something else. It speaks of your taste, sensibility and personality. You are not alone, because millions out there are dying to own a BMW one day.

Now you know why BMW could simply mean best motor in the world.

A brief history of the BMW Motorcyle


During World War Two, BMW’s motorcycles were used extensively in various fields of battle throughout Europe as well as Africa. After the defeat of Nazi Germany, BMW ceased production until 1947 when it was allowed to restart manufacturing. In 1948, BMW launched its first post-World War Two motorcycle called the 250 cc R24. From that point on, BMW has successfully produced and sold thousands of units comprising dozens of models from the R35, R50, and the latest S1000 RR. BMW motorcycles are known for their reliability, durability, style, and technology. They come with advanced options and are suited for all demographics. BMW manufactures motorcycles that appeal to sport enthusiasts who excel and are skilled riders at top speeds. There are also specific models that are oriented to those who crave long journeys on the open road. These models are referred to as “touring.” The third configuration is the “roadster,” which appeals to those seeking thrills in racing. The last three configurations that BMW has produced are referred to as the “adventure,” “heritage,” and “urban mobility.” BMW adventure motorcycles such as the F800 GS are built for drivers who enjoy riding in all weather conditions as well as off road terrain. Heritage models bring back the traditional looks and feel of an iconic generation. These configurations reach out to the old school traditionalists who seek personality in a motorcycles. Finally, urban mobility motorcycles are practical, compact, and allow riders to navigate tight city streets with ease. Whatever model one chooses, that person will never be disappointed with a BMW motorcycle.

Dedicated to the Worlds Greatest Motorcyle Brand